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Taxes Up 59%
Over Past Two Councils.
Taxes 60% higher than similar municipalities.

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Community priorities & Needs
should be actively sought out by Council.

Residents want to see value from taxes paid.

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Not Good for Carling.
Produces bloated bureaucracy; decreases investment in Carling with the eventual disappearance of Carling as a community.

Refer to my Blog for details.

  • Create budgets in the context of a proper Plan.

  • Explain all major expenditures & commitments in detail to Council & residents.

  • Institute meaningful performance reviews against Plan at least semi-annually & report it to residents.

  • Create a Finance Committee to focus on finding efficiencies and reducing taxes.

Refer to my Blog for details.

Create forums for residents, staff, and Council to use to engage the community in setting priorities, like the following:

  • Put in place infrastructure & services to support businesses & working folks (more high speed internet, building & zoning approvals).

  • Plan now for services to address the needs of an aging population.

  • Lower taxes to make housing more affordable.

  • Make clear that Carling wishes to support families & small business owners.

  • Engage residents on planned Township work affecting their neighbourhoods & property to seek their input.

  • Address the needs of water-access residents (about 25% of the population) such as improving boat ramps, docks, & parking.

Blog on this is in the works.

I would oppose any suggestion of this.

  • Extensive research indicates there are no synergies & cost-savings and that tax rates would increase in Carling as taxes flow into Parry Sound.

  • Most grant money would flow to Parry Sound, leaving very little for Carling.

  • Over time, Carling residents would see significant tax increases with little investment in Carling and, because of this, the gradual disappearance of our township.

  • Residents would lose any voice in an amalgamated WPS area.

Carling would become nothing more than a historic plaque somewhere on 559.

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