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When & How to Vote

Election Day is October 24th, 2022

Early Online and Telephone Voting Systems Open from October 11th to October 24th


Are You Eligible to Vote?

Most property owners and residents (renters, adult children)  of Carling are eligible to vote.

You can vote in all municipalities in which you own property if you meet the other qualifications.

Go here to check qualifications.



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Are You Registered to Vote?

Using your address and roll number, check your status on MPAC's Voter Lookup system

If you find that you are not registered, call the Township Clerk in the office on 705-342-5856

Ask for Mackenzie Taylor

The Clerk is required to register all qualified voters until the close of voting on October 24th.

Vote Strategically

All Councillors serve at large, meaning all four represent the whole of Carling.

You are not required to cast a ballot for all four seats and, in fact, you should not.

If you want the best chance of electing your favourite candidates, you should only vote for your preferred candidates whether that be one, two, or three candidates. Casting a ballot for others will only work against your preferred candidates.

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